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A Man Says his Poem in Silence. 2015- 2017. 


The project is an ongoing photographic study that started in 2015 and deals with documenting and deconstructing intimate and personal spaces and places, passing within areas accessible to me: my body, my home, the streets, and various places I seldom visit. I isolate details from context and use deconstruction and appropriation to make the public or the external personal, intimate, and closed. I aspire to create an entity different from the ordinary -  that exists in private and domestic places.


The project focuses on analog techniques combining with digital processing.


The title of the project is from the first verse of an untitled poem by Polish-Israeli poet Avraham Halfi. The verse depicts a man who physically sits in a closed, minimized quiet place. However, his mind and spirit are broadening and wide open. It is where I seek to take the images of the project, to a hidden yet deepening area. 




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