I am Shira Bar,  an Israeli artist and a freelance photographer. 

As a way of a background, I graduated in 2017 with honours from the Photography Department at Musrara, The Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society. Since 2017 I have built my practical experience by self-publishing “Untitled Photographs” (2018)-- a photography zine sold in art fairs in Israel and abroad. My personal work was also presented in several group exhibitions and featured in publications. In my artistic practice, I focus on exploring and documenting close environments and familiar physical reality. I examine their connection to memory, relationships, change in time, separations and endings, and personal experience of one’s place in the world. 


In my project, A Man Says his Poem in Silence (2015-2017) I focused on domestic and close places, such as my body,  the house I lived it, the street I walked in every day, etc. From 2017, I work on a project titled “Photography is a Chance” (temporary title). In this project, I chose to photograph and document my weekly meetings with my father, broadening my observation of the world, tell the story of our relationship while also examining my personal relationship to the place, a potentially intimate and homey place which in reality is quite the opposite of it. The images are combined with texts and notes and will be published as a photography zine.


You can see some of my professional work as a freelance photographer here.