Born 1991

Lives and works in Jerusalem.


I repeatedly photograph, passing within spaces accessible to me: my body,  my home, the streets, and various places I seldom visit. In my practice method, I isolate details from context and use deconstruction and appropriation to make the public or the external personal, intimate and closed. I aspire to create an entity different from the ordinary -  that exists in private and domestic place.


I photograph with an analog camera, with black and white films. The black-and-white represents for me exclusion and detachment from reality. I am interested in the materiality created by analog photography, including its hand-operated, sensible, time-consuming, slow and "limited" process. On the other hand, I regularly decide to make the developed negative into a digital file; A virtual file composed of particles that do not exist materially.  I examine and investigate this tension, both regarding the practice methods and regarding the images themselves. 


The images are similar to personal documentation, nearly journals. However, unlike the daily and regular gathering of detailed recollections and life experiences, I photograph when the subjects and objects seem to become a representation that can no longer be returned to and reached, excluding all actual information.










© 2020 by Shira Bar

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