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Group exhibition- ALL ANALOGUE

An untitled silver gelatin print from 2017, part of a pop-up group exhibition ALL ANALOGUE opening this Tuesday in Edmund Cafe in Tel-Aviv. Noam Friedman made it all happen :-) And the exhibition celebrates the analogue print, with photographers and artists. . . I photograph my hands quite a lot; I like putting this sort of personal presence in my images, and I know it has several other indications (of the artist, an expression of the material aspect of the work (being manual), etc). But mostly it's personal. . . This image was taken when I worked on my project titled A Man Says His Poem in Silence, which was the final project of my studies as well. The title of the project is taken from a poem by Polish-Israeli poet Avharam Halfi and tells of a man who sits alone and quietly in his room while his mind takes him to various other places, contradicting his physical status sitting in his room, and his emotional state of mind that takes him outside, but not in reality. At that time I photographed (and today at times) mostly my domestic and personal environment, whether it is my room, my house, the streets I walk often, and my body as well. In short, I photographed my ”room”, wherever it was (and the camera was also one of them), with glimpses of the outside.

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