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Work in Progress (2)

Continuing my previous post, I decided to add more images of experiments I have done.

I just posted some images on my IG account (@shirabar91 :-)), and added there something I did not mention before.

Although these are merely experiments with an unknown outcome or conclusion, what I did like about them in their contact sheets look.

Contact sheets themselves are not innovative and are probably well discussed in the photography field (I'll research it more and maybe do a different post about it), but they still have something in them... Something unique, appealing. I wrote there: "Maybe it is the unfinished aspect of them, that you examine the process, the mistakes, more immediate than the edited version in the end, and of course the aesthetics." I guess that what I look for in my works is this immediate, intuitive, unplanned, uncontrolled aspect. But with photography and with images, can one actually do it? Not in a street photography way, but in a personal and deepening way?

On the other hand, contradictions are what make life more interesting. Will take this week to think and write about it. Maybe it is another key element for developing this project.


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